Rickshaw Ride Jaipur

The beautiful city of jaipur and the “travel india planet” altogether comes up with the idea of the ride on a very beautifully decorated Rickshaws for your chief experience. The coloured rickshaws often decorated with the frills and several hand-made decorations which adds to the pleasant feeling of riding in such a grand wagon. Jaipur is infamous for its beautifully coloured and decorated rickshaws nowadays, only facilitated for the tourist attractions. We might not know the worth of riding in this beautiful carriage, but do ask a tourist, they will elaborate the feeling and the amazing experience of riding in such a beautiful “shahi sawari”. Riding a rickshaw Is like a compulsion for the tourists. A nicely decorated ride with Jaipur’s heritage on it, in addition to the inexpensive prices for the rides is really a jackpot for the visitors. “Travel India planet” offers you a wide range of decorated rickshaws with the garlands and the most beautiful and colourful lights.

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