Vacations are nothing but a human way to escape the monotony of life and find peace at various destinations. Well we all need breaks to recharge and rejuvenate ourselves in the womb of nature and art.

India is a country full of vibrant charm and aesthetic vibes scattered all around its land. Many Indian tourists, as well as foreigners, visit India to explore its beguiling beauty and make memories that they can cherish for a lifetime. India is a country that has amazing and beautiful cities that are culturally rich, notable for beautiful places, and full of numerous wonderful architectural marvels. The extravagance and multifariousness of India, its cities and places, makes it a great choice for all sorts of vacation. The country is worldwide famous for a honeymoon, adventure, family, and spiritual tours due to its variety of places that suit every kind of vacation.

If you are also someone exasperated with the regular lifestyle and wanna find an escape, India is a perfect place to find tranquility while traveling. The place would offer you everything you desire for in your trip whether you want a cultural, heritage, artistic, playful, historic experience or experience in the womb of nature- the place would satiate all your wanderlust. But wouldn’t that be the best if you are a bit more prepared before heading towards your journey? Some things should be considered while you head out on a vacation that would help you to make your holidays memorable. Follow this “Do’s” to have a happy, enjoyable, and beautiful holiday this summer. Here are some of the simplest ways by which you can make the most of your holidays. Have a read and enjoy.

Simple tips to make your Holidays Memorable:

  1. Make a list of Your Destinations:

If you are covering 3-4 cities altogether during a trip, it’s better to select the top tourist attractions of each city as it’s not possible to cover every famous place all at once. Traveling from a city to another is time-consuming, therefore it is recommended to do some research work and list out the best places, it will save your time and you will not roam haphazardly to find the next good place. This will also help you save money and you will enjoy more as you won’t have to worry about finding the next destination. A planned trip would give you enough time to relax and get rest in between the journey. I’m sure nobody wants to get tired or sick due to travel aimlessly.

  1. Plan your Budget:

We know budget planning can be hell tedious but don’t you think it is important as well? The easiest way to finalize the entire budget of your trip is by categorizing your funds you are ready to spend on a particular thing. Start with your “preparation expenses” that would include your passports and visa-related costs (If going abroad), flight/train/ bus tickets- transportation expenses, purchasing new stuff that you would require while traveling like luggage, any gadgets, neck pillow or anything. The second category is of the actual expenses you would require after reaching the destination that includes your hotel’s stay, food, and drinks, tickets at various sightseeing destinations like forts and palaces, cars, and auto fares, etc. The last category is for “emergency issues”- always keep extra hidden money for unexpected situations that you might face at a foreign destination where you cannot seek any help from your family and friends. What if your cards or wallet get stolen or you just need to go home due to an emergency! Well, life is uncertain so always be ready for unexpected things.

  1. Smart Packing:

The moment we decide our trip, we get anxious about what to pack and how to pack because you need to pack everything you might need at a foreign destination. Smart packing can make your luggage lighter and less messy and it won’t let you go crazy while unpacking it or finding your cute top out of it. Always put clothes on top which you would require during your initial days, roll your jeans it won’t curl up, put heavy items on the bottom, use packing cubes for your slippers, brushes, clothes, and gadgets. Put medicines in a separate box so you can find it easily, keep a water bottle. Most importantly choose your clothes and shoes according to the weather of the city you are heading to. In summers carry light and bright cotton or linen clothes, sunglasses, and sun-block as it will protect you from any sunburn. And if you are going to some hill station or place in the winter season then you must carry your woolens and boots with you.

  1. Be adjustable- at least while traveling:

A memorable journey is when you would enjoy the travel thoroughly without any problems. But it is almost impossible that you won’t encounter any inconvenience while on vacation. Despite proper planning and everything, sometimes the problem just pops out of nowhere. Therefore you need to be a little adjustable and flexible to the uncertain and unwanted situation. For instance, you missed a concert/event for which you had paid too, obviously, it would dishearten you but you should cheer up yourself instantly and plan something new. Keeping yourself calm and happy is important to enjoy your trip, otherwise, you would waste your time thinking the uncertain. So the conclusion is to be adjustable in the contradictory situation. Ignore the small inconveniences and enjoy the little happy moments, that is the only way you can make the journey memorable.

  1. Decide Things to Do:

When you plan a holiday you also think about the kind of stuff you would like to do there, it can be some must-visit attractions, some adventurous sports to play, particular food you want to try or buying something special for someone special! It can be anything. The idea is to find out all the places you want to visit and know about the things you want to try there, get details of them. For instance, you want to try on paragliding then search the best and safest one. It will help you to make your itinerary well and also you won’t miss out on the things you always wanted to do. It is the best way to enjoy your journey and keep it interesting thoroughly. Your holidays would be perfect and memorable if you would enjoy every moment of it and that can be done by doing things that interest you.